TO:                   Parents & Guardians

FROM:              Deacon Terry Timmons

SUBJECT:        Empowering God’s Children® program (“Opting” your child out)

Note: Please go to the link at IHOM Empowering God’s Children Permission Form and complete by November 6th.

The education and protection of your child is a sacred trust. The Immaculate Heart of Mary CCD Program will present a personal safety and abuse prevention program, Empowering God’s Children®, to our students the week of November 16-20. This program is provided to us by the Diocese of Fort Worth and is a part of our ongoing mandated effort to help create and maintain a safe environment for children and to protect all children from those who might harm them.

The material in the program is founded on the principles of appropriate relationship boundaries in the broader context of Christian values and virtues, and each lesson is developmentally appropriate for the specific age group.  Each lesson includes content with simple and fun activities that reinforce the message.

The scheduled lesson is being offered to all students at Immaculate Heart of Mary. Despite our strong belief in the value and necessity of this program, we recognize that as a parent/guardian, you have the right to choose whether your student participates. We encourage you to read this “Overview Page” so you’ll be aware of the nature of the Empowering God’s Children® program. If you have questions about the program or the lesson, please contact me at 254-580-2228. Please go to the link below no later than November 6th and fill out the form that gives permission for the parish teachers to provide this instruction. You may also use the form to opt-out of your child receiving this information. Only those children with a current opt-out selection that has been received by this November 6th will be exempted from attendance.

For more information on the Empowering God’s Children® program, visit the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth website at, or contact the Diocese Office of Safe Environment at (817) 945-9342, or email

Please go to the link at IHOM Empowering God’s Children Permission Form and complete by November 6th.