601 W. Houston St.
Abbott, TX 76621
(254) 582-3092 Fax: (254) 582-0613
Cell: (254) 707-0624
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JUNE 1, 2014


Parochial Administrator-Fr.Ouseph I Thekkumthala (Cell) 707-0624
Business Manager/Secretary-Agnes Timmons 580-8125
Deacon- John Lauhoff
Deacon- Denver Crawley
Pastoral Council Facilitator-Ronda Ballew
Finance Council- Charles Beseda
KJT- Eugene Maroul
KJZT- Jeanette Urbanovsky
Knights of Columbus- Ernie Pustejovsky
Sacristans- Michael & Janet Bezdek
Music Ministry- Karen Bartosh & Marsha Gerik
Religious Education- Traci Pustejovsky
Youth Ministry – Annette Ballew & Carolyn Kirby
Plant Manager- Charles Beseda 749-7718
Seniors Activities Coordinator- Agnes Marak
Volunteer Coordinator- Marsha Gerik
Safe Environment Coordinator- Terry & Patrick Timmons

Saturday Vigil Mass – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday – 8:00 a.m.

Monday & Wednesday – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday – 7:00 p.m.

JUNE 1, 2014

SATURDAY MAY 31: 6:00 pm: Rev. Jerry Ryan (Improved Health) by Martha Gerik
SUNDAY JUNE 1: 8:00 am: +Henry, Christine, & Bill Beseda by Charles & DJ Beseda
MONDAY JUNE 2: 6:00 pm: +George Mikeska by Linda Gerik
WEDNESDAY JUNE 4: 6:00 pm: Fr. Stephen Nesrsta (19th Anniversary to the Priesthood)
by Doris Nesrsta
FRIDAY JUNE 6: 7:00 pm: Confirmation Candidates
SATURDAY JUNE 7: 6:00 pm: +Hattie Slovak by Anna Louise Kaska
SUNDAY JUNE 8: 8:00 am: Parishioners of Immaculate Heart of Mary
CEMETERY LIGHTS: Dennis Gerik by Linda Gerik
CROSS LIGHTS: Martha Hejl by KJZT #104
SANCTUARY LIGHTS: Tommy Pustejovsky by Eugene & Kathy Pustejovsky
ALTAR SERVERS: Lauren & Kyle Gerik
LECTOR: John Gerik
EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Terry & Agnes Timmons, John Gerik
USHERS: John Blaha

ALTAR SERVERS: Keaton Pustejovsky & Christopher Pustejovsky
LECTOR: Gary Pustejovsky
EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Roger & Debbie Pustejovsky, Joycie Pustejovsky
USHERS: Doug Pustejovsky

ALTAR SERVERS: Natalie Kaska
LECTOR: Susan Kallus
EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Joe Lenart, Albert Srubar, Linda Gerik
USHERS: Kevin Beene

ALTAR SERVERS: Katelyn Pustejovsky, Meredith Moore
LECTOR: Beverly Pustejovsky
EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Beverly Pustejovsky, John Blaha, Charles Beseda
USHERS: Phil Pustejovsky

CONFIRMATION: Bishop Michael Olsen will be here this Friday, June 6th at 7:00 p.m. to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation for our confirmation candidates. All are welcome to be present as the Bishop visits our parish for the first time and as our young parishioners receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

FATHER’S DAY FLOWERS: This is the last weekend to make a donation towards Father’s Day flowers. To honor or remember a special man in your life, put your intentions, along with your donation in an envelope marked “Father’s Day Flowers” and drop in the collection basket.

PASTORAL COUNCIL NOMINATIONS: This is the last weekend to nominate individuals or themselves as a candidate to fill one of three positions on the Pastoral Council. Prayerfully consider who would lead our parish at this time and then write the name or names (there is no limit) on a slip of paper and place in the collection basket by Sunday, June 1st. Members of the Finance Council are unable to serve on both councils, therefore do not nominate Charles Beseda, Gordon Grubbs, Annette Ballew, or Lucy Pustejovsky. There are three members who have finished their terms on the Pastoral Council that are not eligible to serve for one year. They include Ronda Ballew, Kevin Beene, and Kathleen Pustejovsky. Finally, please do not nominate any current members of the Pastoral Council members: Katie Kaska, Joyce Lenart, Cheryl Schulz, Johnny Krenek, Mike Bezdek, and Frank Urbanovsky.

SECOND COLLECTION: We will have a second collection this weekend for the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). Half of all proceeds remain in our diocese and support local needs, so please be generous in this collection. CCC equips us to share our experience of faith, worship, and witness with the world.

KC MEETING: The Knights of Columbus will be meeting this Wednesday, June 4th at 6:30 p.m. in the rectory.

MINISTER SCHEDULES: New schedules for Lectors, Altar Servers, Ushers, and Eucharistic Ministers will be coming out in July. We are always looking for new lectors and altar servers and currently in great need of head ushers. Lectors need to have received the sacrament of Confirmation. Altar Servers need to have received the sacrament of First Holy Communion. Head Ushers need to be an adult. Training is available for all these roles. If you are new and wish to be added or need to make any changes, including a new contact number, please include it on the information sheet located on the back table. Please put these in the collection basket by June 8th. Hope to see some new faces

INTENTIONS NEEDED: We are in need of intentions for Sanctuary, Cross, and Cemetery Lights. Please place your intention and donation in a specially marked envelope and place in the collection basket.

MANY THANKS: Thanks to the Abbott KJZT members (Adult and Junior Societies) for assisting at the breakfast after the First Holy Communion last Sunday. The state KJZT funded $150.00 of the expenses with Immaculate Heart of Mary Church funding the remainder of the expenses. The local society appreciated your attendance at this celebration.

PRAYERS FOR THE SICK: Please remember to keep these individuals in your prayers: Bruce Malaer, Terry Kramolis, Evelyn Soukup, Susan Tomczak, Mark Helona, Mary Ann Pavlas, Stephanie Jarvis, Louise Pappas Woolsey, Eugene Pustejovsky, Doris Nesrsta, Willie Mae Pustejovsky, Johnnie Sinkule, Leo Rejcek, Joe Helona, Patsy Makovy, Clara Kaska, Lisa Cole, Jeanette Urbanovsky, Rosilee Bartosh, Felix Picha, Louise Ondrej, Marcella & Michael Kiely, Pat Jimenez, Raymond Zapletal, Donna Nelson, Jane Boley, Tom Pezanosky, Matthew Machac, Edwin Gerik, Bonnie Poole, Edward Rejcek, Rudolph Rejcek, Lillian Sodek, Jane Vallejo, Max Vallejo, Linda Pustejovsky, Domingo Balderas, Edward Muehlstein, Fr. Jerry Ryan, O.S.A., Judy Steele, Harry Gene Nors, Tommy Pustejovsky, Francy Stacha, Jimmy Tolbert, Jeff Bernsen, Margie Wolf, Alexis Enriquez, Baylee Owen, Rocky Steele, Beth Pezanosky, Diana Austin, Monsignor Frank Miller, Deacon John Lauhoff, George Kaska, Jr., Tony Keller, Cindy Bruce Zatopek, Liam Willie, Bernice Beene, Bobby Tlustos, Cathy Sulak, Della Allen, Megan Janek, Jeanne Nicholson, Jamie Beauchamp, Wanda Pustejovsky, Turner Hennig, Janet Krueger, Harvey Janek, Opal Davidson, Armand Jimenez, James Homel Ginger Kutscherousky, Ann Vanek, Deacon John Peca, and Ludmila Pustejovsky.

CONGRATULATIONS Our sincere congratulations to all our graduates: Alyssa Ballew, Morgan Ballew, Christy Marek, Derek Pustejovsky, Darren Popp.