Over the past few months, our parish campus has seen some grand physical changes, namely, the painting of the buildings’ exteriors and the installation of a brand-new tile floor in the church. In the coming months, we plan to mill, resurface, and expand the parking lot. These three projects (and many smaller ones) have been undertaken in order to repair, update and beautify the campus, making it a welcoming place for parishioners, both current and new.

We have already begun, by way of a soft-opening, what we call the Legacy Campaign. This campaign was initially designed to be a pledge-based capital campaign that would raise the money needed for the three large projects I mentioned: the painting, the floor, and parking lot. Because the timing of the campaign was delayed by Father Joe Keating’s departure, we went ahead and completed the painting and the new floor with funds the parish already had in savings. The Legacy Campaign, then, will pay for the parking lot repairs, which will keep us from having to dip into our savings.

In the near future, our pastor will kick off the pledge portion of the campaign. In the meantime, we are going to start holding fundraisers that will go towards the new parking lot.

Our goal for the Legacy Campaign is $70,000. This is the cost of resurfacing and expanding the parking lot. Once we reach a substantial portion of the goal, the project will go ahead.

What can I do now to support the Legacy Campaign?

First, you may donate to the Legacy Campaign now by following the link below. 

IMPORTANT: In the drop-down menu, make sure to select “Immaculate Heart of Mary, Abbott – Legacy Campaign.” Doing so will keep 100% of your gift right here in the parish.

If you wish to donate using a personal check, please make out the check to: Advancement Foundation. Write IHM Legacy Campaign on the memo line. You may bring your check to the parish office or place it in the Sunday collection in a separate envelope from your Sunday offering.

Second, you can support the various raffles and fundraisers held at the parish.

Third, please begin to pray and consider how much you will pledge when the new pastor kicks off the pledge drive.

Thank you for your past generosity to our beloved parish, and thank you for your support of the Legacy Campaign. May God bless and reward you!