Homilies from August 2017

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August 20, 2017 – 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)


The events of the past week in Charlottesville, Virginia have shaken our nation.  The white-supremacist protest, the counter protest, and the ensuing violence that left one woman dead and many others injured is a reminder that, despite the progress made by the Civil Rights Movement, racism still persists in our society.  We are saddened to […]

July 30, 2017 -17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)

For the last two weeks, we have been hearing Jesus’ parables from the Gospel of Matthew.  Today is part three of our trilogy of parables, and here they come, rapid fire, about the Kingdom of Heaven. We get three parables in our gospel passage today, and we even get a bonus lesson at the end, […]