Homilies by Father Joseph Keating

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September 23, 2018 – 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)


Rev. Joseph Keating 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (B) Homily In the tradition of Catholic theology, we have this concept of the “seven deadly sins” which goes back to the early centuries of the Church. These seven deadly sins, or capital sins, are grouped together because they are the major sins from which all the […]

September 16, 2018 – 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)


Rev. Joseph Keating 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time (B) Homily “Who do people say that I am?” In today’s Gospel, Jesus puts this question to St. Peter. By this time in his ministry, Jesus had become well-known around Judea. This Jesus had driven out demons, made the lame walk, made the deaf hear, and made […]

September 9, 2018 – 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)


Rev. Joseph Keating 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (B) Homily This week, we’re back on the road trip with Jesus. We continue our journey thru the Gospel of Mark, and this week, Jesus covers a lot of ground. He travels from the Mediterranean port city of Tyre, northward along the coast to Sidon, then back […]

September 2, 2018 – 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)


How many Aggies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  Three—one to turn the bulb, one to yell “whoop!” and one to call it a tradition.   Groan.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. Now, as a rule, I don’t normally begin homilies with a joke, but this one seems to be fitting […]

August 19, 2018 – Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Have you ever sent a message to someone hastily, only to realize later that it wasn’t what you really meant to say?  I think it’s happened to just about everyone.  Especially in today’s day and age, with the oh-so-fickle invention we call AutoCorrect.  If you don’t know, AutoCorrect is a software feature that is supposed […]

July 29, 2018 – Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here in the Catholic Church, we like to celebrate anniversaries—wedding anniversaries, ordination anniversaries, birthdays, dedication days of churches, and all the perennial saint days.  And sometimes we also celebrate the anniversaries of documents.  That’s right, even paperwork has a birthday party.  Now, admit it, this is not the strangest thing we Catholics do.  You can […]