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Dear Immaculate Heart of Mary Parents,

It is that time of year again when we start up another year of CCD formation for your child. The teachers and I are excited to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to your family.

There are a few changes that I need to tell you about, so here goes:

  • Registration for the upcoming year has already started. If you have not done so, please use the online registration form found at


  • The Fort Worth Diocese has mandated that all religious education instruction be done virtually, with no face-to-face meetings through Christmas. The Parish will utilize the Zoom platform for meetings. We are disappointed with this as we would all prefer face-to-face instruction, but given the current situation we will do the best that we can. 
  • IHOM Parish instruction will return to a textbook based curriculum. We will use the series “Christ Our Life” from Loyola Press which is in use in other local parishes. 
  • Because all instruction will be online, flexibility will be given to the teachers as to when their instruction will be scheduled. This allows them to work around situations where a family has multiple children that need access to technology at the same time. Your child’s teacher will be in touch with information on meeting dates and times. 
  • Because of the limitations of online instruction, parents will be expected to help their students access technology and instruction, as well as assist their children in completing activities related to the content provided. Teachers will only provide the main content and as stated above we are asking parents to make sure any other activities are done. This will take the place of the “family formation” model from the previous year. 
  • The High School will continue to utilize the Life Teen curriculum for instruction and Grades 7-8 will  be using an appropriate curriculum. Sacramental preparation for Confirmation will once again be folded into the regular CCD program and will not be taught in separate classes. 
  • A calendar with weeks that we will provide instruction may be found here. The first week may just have to be a “get acquainted” and “meet the teacher” meeting as students may not have books yet. 
  • Teachers for this year will be:
    • Kindergarten – Traci Pustejovsky and Molli Pustejovsky
    • 1st – Amanda Kettler and Sara Walker
    • 2nd & 3rd – Justin Kaska and Karen Bartosh
    • 4th & 5th – Joanie Pustejovsky and Nolan Pustejovsky
    • 6th – Shelly Burge & (Still needing someone to assist)
    • 7th & 8th – Dan Hill & (Still needing someone to assist)
    • HS – Annette Ballew, Ronda Ballew, John Gerik & Ernie Pustejovsky 
  • We ask everyone – students, teachers, and parents – to practice the virtues of kindness and patience as we try to lead all peoples to Christ while at the same time attempt to navigate through the challenges presented by this pandemic. I know we face some unique problems, but we will all do the best that we can. That is all God expects of us.

Please pray for our teachers and students as we once again adapt to the situations that we all have no control over. I am a firm believer that “God will provide” and that if we trust in his mercy and love, he will give us everything we need.

If I can do anything for you or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 254-580-2228 or email me at

God bless you all,

Deacon Terry