Why give to the Church? 

In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is presented to us time and time again.  As we gaze upon the crucifix and see the Sacred Host lifted high, we remember what a complete gift of self our Lord Jesus made for us, his beloved disciples.  In each Mass, we are invited to participate in that sacrifice as the members of his Mystical Body.  That means that we are called to give something of ourselves:  our hearts, our minds, our struggles and our pains, and even the fruits of our labors.

The Church asks of her members to support the needs of the local parish and of the whole Church.  This support fulfills one of the precepts, or rules, of the Catholic Church.  We are asked to give support by means of our time, talents, and treasure.  Not everyone can give a large sum of money—that’s okay.  We are each called to give back something out of the richness of grace we have received.

How much should I give?

The amount of your gift should always be determined through prayer.  Your offering is made to God, after all.  Traditionally, a tenth of our income is to be given back to the Church in some way.  This is where we get the word “tithe,” as tithe means “tenth.”  Generally, a good rule is to give 5% to your parish and 5% to other needs of the Church—whether to organizations like the Annual Diocesan Appeal, Catholic Charities, or Pro-Life organizations, or to the needs of individuals whom we encounter.  In any case, the amount you choose to give should be given in a spirit of genuine love.

Why give online?

Online giving offers an easier way to make one’s weekly monetary offering.  Since so many of our daily purchases are now made with credit cards, many parishioners may find their wallets lacking in cash when the basket comes around.  If this has happened to you, then online giving is a great way to ensure that your offering will be made regularly, regardless of the plenitude of your pocketbook.

As your pastor, I encourage you to use this tool of online giving as a means to make your regular offering of treasure to the parish.  I also encourage everyone to give of their time and talents whenever the Lord asks it of you.  May our parish continue to be generous, and so advance our common mission, to make disciples for Jesus Christ in our corner of the world.  May God bless you all!



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